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GA: NAD2014 Biennial Conference in Atlanta July 1-5

NAD President Wagner Invites You to #NAD2014!

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Watch NAD President Wagner talk about #NAD2014's 
exciting events through out the week!

Note: Video description and transcript can be found on the video's direct YouTube page.

VA: Happy Hands Deaf Seniors Luncheon March 5

Happy Hands Deaf Seniors Newsletter: March 2014
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 (Once you click, the newsletter will go to the "Display the progress of ongoing downloads"
 on your computer or laptop... be sure to find "2014-Mar(1).pdf" on the list.) 

TX: Houston Deaf Senior Citizens Field Trip March 4

Seniors 60+: $10 each
Under 60: $15 each

Source: HDSC Website

Sunday, February 23, 2014

AZ: Country Night Dinner Party...Rathskellar Entertainment March 29



Exhibition Form:


Come, eat, chat, socialize and have fun! 
See y'all there! 

Carl Schroeder Memorial Service at Gallaudet University April 12

December 26,1952-December 18, 2013

"I was born Deaf and shall die Deaf"

Carl Schroeder Obituary
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Carl's Last Post in His Blog
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Carl Schroeder Memorial Service
1st Video:
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 2nd Video:
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"All in all, ASL is the link makes Deaf Culture, Deaf Community, and Deaf Citizenry as 
human as possible. In the other words, ASL is a human language, and we, the Deaf, 
must always account for maintaining our language and culture."
Carl Schroeder, M.Ed

 "A Fresh Look at ASL Philosophy" Click HERE

Countdown: 546 Days! That is exact 1 1/2 Year!

Deaf Seniors of America 2015
Asheville, North Carolina

  • One year and six months
  • 78 weeks
  • 546 days
  • 13,104 hours
  • 786,240 minutes
  • 47,174,400 seconds
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VA: Deaf Seniors Trip to Richmond February 25

RSVP by February 21

Who Should Exercise? EVERYONE...well, almost! All Ages!

These older adults are living proof that exercise and physical activity are good for you, no matter how old you are. In fact, staying active can help you:

-Keep and improve your strength so you can stay independent
-Have more energy to do the things you want to do
-Improve your balance
-Prevent or delay some diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis
-Perk up your mood and reduce depression
You don’t need to buy special clothes or belong to a gym to become more active. Physical activity can and should be part of your everyday life. Find things you like to do. Go for brisk walks. Ride a bike. Dance. Work around the house. Garden. Climb stairs. Swim. Rake leaves. Try different kinds of activities that keep you moving. Look for new ways to build physical activity into your daily routine.

Four Ways to be Active

To get all of the benefits of physical activity, try all four types of exercise — 1) endurance, 2) strength, 3) balance, and 4) flexibility.

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*  *  * 
Who Should Exercise?
Almost anyone, at any age, can do some type of physical activity. You can still exercise even if you have a health condition like heart disease or diabetes. In fact, physical activity may help. For most older adults, brisk walking, riding a bike, swimming, weight lifting, and gardening are safe, especially if you build up slowly. But, check with your doctor if you are over 50 and you aren’t used to energetic activity

Fair Housing Videos Series: Watch and Learn!

Watch this video first before you watch 12 videos below.

This is an introduction to the Fair Housing Video Series for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This is a series of 12 videos that was Developed with funding from a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Fair Housing Initiatives Program. 

The videos were produced by the National Fair Housing Alliance and Disability Independence Group. Special thanks to Sweetwater Media for the filming of these videos.

Watch all 12 the picture below to open:

12 Videos: Click HERE

Monday, February 17, 2014

NY: Who was the Dying Deaf Patient (Age 82) the Hospitals Refused to Help?

Alfred Weinrib 

An elderly man who was battling cancer for seven months may have died without ever knowing his diagnosis, a federal lawsuit alleges.

According to the New York Post, the family of 82-year-old Alfred Weinrib claims three Long Island medical facilities refused to provide the deaf man with a sign-language interpreter for the seven months he was stricken with cancer*

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Obituary: Alfred Weinrib 
(Copied from "47" Alumni Association of the Deaf, Inc.)

Alfred Weinrib, passed away on April 4, 2013 at the age of 82.  Alfred was born in the Bronx, where for most of his young life, he lived near the famed Bronx Zoo.  He entered P.S. 47 in 1937 and was graduated with 43 classmates in 1947.  He was one of the first pupils to receive the Arista pin in 1947.  He enrolled at the High School of Fashion Technology and was granted a scholarship, but he left after two years for personal reasons.  He eventually earned a high school equivalent diploma.

Alfred worked as a linotypist for Variety Weekly for many years.  A movie buff since he was a kid, he learned a lot from this magazine and wrote articles about movies, television and theatre for Silent News, Deaf Life and Deaf USA.  Among his achievements was convincing film and television companies in Hollywood to close-caption their videotapes, in cooperation with National Captioning Institute (NCI).

Alfred also was a religious class instructor and coordinator for children at Temple Beth Or of the Deaf for 26 years, and served as president briefly. In later years, Alfred worked at Herricks Community Center for the Deaf – Long Island Branch of New York Society for the Deaf for 15 years as a communication skills instructor and coordinator, in addition to working with Deaf seniors in the community room.

Alfred was married to his beloved Selma (Warman ’49) and they had two children, Melinda and Lance and Lance’s wife, Rosemarie who are also Deaf. He had a grandson, Randall Scott who is hearing.

In recognition of and appreciation for his devotion in working closely with the Deaf community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf presented him with the 2008 “Man of the Year” Award. He is sorely missed.

*Alfred died in April of malignant melanoma.

TX: Senior Trip to Arkansas (5 Places) March 19-20

Deadline: March 5 to reserve a seat in the bus! 

CA: Riverside SC Field Trip to Regan Presidential Library April 1

 Deadline: March 15 to purchase the bus ticket! 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

50 States in ASL...Watch the Awesome Video!
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Sign the state where you live! Teach your loved ones and friends these signs!

Deaf Seniors Clubs In USA: Find a Club in Your State!

We have updated the Deaf Seniors Clubs across the United States of America (as of January 7, 2014).

If you cannot find your club in your state, please send the name of the club, its website link (if any), contact person and his/her email address to this email address:  Thank you!

United States of America

Arizona Deaf Senior Citizens Coalition
Greater Phoenix Deaf Senior Citizens
North Phoenix Deaf Senior Citizens Club
Northwest Deaf Seniors Social-Surprise
Tucson Deaf Senior Citizens

Little Rock Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Bay Area Coalition of Deaf Senior Citizens
Deaf Seniors Foundation-Palm Springs
 Fremont Deaf Seniors Group
 Hayward Deaf Seniors
 San Jose Deaf Seniors
San Leandro Deaf Seniors
 Walnut Creek Deaf Seniors

Denver Metro Deaf Senior Citizens
Silent Athletic Club of Denver

Broward County Association of the Deaf-Pompano Beach
Greater Daytona Beach Association of the Deaf
Gulf Coast Deaf Seniors - Ft Myers
Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf
St. Petersburg Association of the Deaf, Inc
Tri-County Association of the Deaf, Inc. (TCAD) - The Villages

Deaf Seniors of Georgia

Boise Deaf Senior Social Club

Chicago Club of the Deaf 
Chicagoland Deaf Seniors
West Suburban Association of the Deaf

Northwest Indiana Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community Events

Deaf Wichita
Olathe Club of the Deaf, Inc.

Baltimore Metro Silent Oriole Club, Inc.
Frederick Deaf Seniors
Interstate Association of the Deaf
Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.

Detroit Association of the Deaf
Detroit Metro Detroit Deaf Senior Citizens
 Flint Deaf Senior Citizens

Minnesota Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc
The Deaf Club

Gateway Silent Seniors-St. Louis

Omaha Deaf Senior Citizens

New Jersey Association of the Deaf

Las Vegas Deaf Senior Citizens

Buffalo Club of the Deaf
Capital District Deaf Center, Inc.-Schenectady
North Country Club of the Deaf-Watertown
 Oswego County Association of the Deaf
Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf
Wantagh Deaf Seniors Center, Inc.

Deaf North Carolina Events
Deaf Seniors of North Carolina
Deaf Senior Citizens of Davidson County
 Deafolina Senior Citizens - Charlotte
 Piedmont Deaf Seniors - Shelby
 Table Rock AARP - Morganton

Akron Deaf Group
Toledo Deaf Club

 Keystone Central Deaf Senior Citizens
 Lehigh Association of the Deaf
Lancaster Association of the Deaf
Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf
York Association of the Deaf

Knoxville Deaf Senior Citizens
Nashville Deaf Senior Citizens

Austin Deaf Club
Austin Deaf Events
Dallas Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Deaf Seniors of Texas
Goodrich Center Deaf Senior Citizens
North Texas Deaf Senior Citizens

 Wasatch Deaf Seniors

Happy Hands Deaf Seniors-Virginia

West Virginia Association of the Deaf Clubs

To find these Deaf Seniors Clubs in this DSUSA blog for full information or websites,
 they are separately listed under three (3) tabs
 (under the picture of Deaf Seniors sitting on the bench).

Go to the Deaf Seniors USA (DSUSA) Blog and click this link:

Thank you!

TEXAS: Sympo 2014 in San Marcos April 8-9

Deaf Seniors of Texas SYMPO 2014

San Marcos, Texas
April 8-9, 2014 

Travis Association of the Deaf – Senior Citizens (TAD-SC) proudly host 
second Biennial Deaf Senior 50+ Symposium 

At Embassy Suites Hotel Conference Center
1001 E. McCarty Lane
San Marcos, Texas 78666 

Theme: Deaf Seniors be Empowered! 

The Symposium registration fee of $50.00 covers materials, workshops and Wednesday luncheon.
Information on tile Hotel and location to follow later. 

Symposium Highlights:
Tentative Workshops including:
* Alzheimer's disease
* Identity theft
* Reverse Mortgage
* Care Givers
* Funeral Services
* Grieving
* Identification of current issues or concerns affecting deaf seniors in Texas
* Exhibitions
Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
* All Day – Registration and Exhibitions
* 11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.-lunch on your own
* 1:00 2:00p.m.-Welcoming Participants
* 2:00 5:00 p.m.-Workshops
* After 5:00 p.m.-On your own 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
* 9:00 12:00 noon – Workshops
* 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.- lunch and Closing
* After 3:00 p.m. – Social or Go Home 

Wednesday luncheon: 
Caregivers, service providers and other businesses dealing with disabled seniorsare encouraged to attend, participate and give out handouts about their programs or services on healthcare, recreation and socializing, housing, caregiver support, options counseling, and long term care planning. 
TAD-SC (Sympo)
%Fred Newberry
7101 Hanging Oak Circle
Austin, Texas 78749 
Contact Fred Newberry
VP 512.410.1535
Earl Day
VP 512.213.2621 

Registration Deadline: March 25, 2014 

*Refund Policy: Deduct $10.00 for processing fee until March 25th. No refund after March 25, 2014
Donations are not refundable. 

Download flyer & registration form (PDF format)

DSA 2015 Fund Raiser: Deaf Tar Heel's Festival May 10

DSA 2015 Asheville committee is putting up as a fund raising event for the conference.

and MORE! 

DSA 2015 Website: