Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dr. DeafBowTie: "Missing Money?"

Are you aware that you may have missing money?

Unclaimed money from bank accounts, insurance policies, and safe deposit boxes could be hanging out unclaimed in your name or your family members!

I want you to know that you can find and claim missing money for free.  How?

It's particularly easy if you have a unique last name. Simply go to MissingMoney.com or Unclaimed.org and punch in your name to do a database search of available unclaimed funds across all states. With one click of your mouse, you can cover the entire spectrum of what's available. Please note that not every single state participates.

When I have a new client, I entered the name and found money for either himself or his relative. It happened to a few clients of mine.  Even one of my daughters forgot her last pay check when she was in the college and moved out.  When the money is lost, it gets held by the state until someone comes looking for it.  If too long, the budget-drained state may use the money up.

So go check it out!  Be a hero to a loved one or friend or to yourself. It's free to use.

NC: Halloween Dinner & Skit October 25

PICKLES: You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself

EMAIL SCAM ALERT! Email from "Sorenson Deaf"

ATTENTION: If you receive an email from "Sorenson Deaf", DO NOT REPLY with all of your information! THIS EMAIL IS A SCAM!!!  DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR ANSWERS WITH THESE QUESTIONS IN THE EMAIL!!! 


Below is what it looks like in your email if you get it....

Deaf Awareness Month Give-Away,Registration in progress

Welcome to Sorenson deaf awareness month. We gladly implore that you partake in the ultimate give-away for all DEAF citizens of the country in marking this years DEAF AWARENESS Celebration. SorensonVRS in collaboration with Silverback Charity Organization which is a private and Non-Governmental Organization, have come together to make this years deaf awareness month and success and to that effect have made available the sum of Seven Hundred Thousand USD (700,000USD) for 5 lucky deaf citizens.
For you to be a part of this years celebration and have a chance of claiming this price money, all you need to do is reply to this email with the following details below to register.




Monday, September 8, 2014

Dr. DeafBowTie: Sharing News, Tips & Facts Related to Seniors

Louis J Schwarz, aka, DeafBowTie, is the founding partner of Schwarz Financial Services LLC and DeafTax.com, a company devoted to improving financial literacy among deaf people through tax preparation/planning, cash flow management, financial planning, and business services. He is honored to be asked to be a part of DSUSA/DSA, and is planning to share news, tips, and facts regarding related to us, the seniors. 

Currently, in The Villages,  he plays pickleball every morning and golf at least three times a week. He is on different officer/board positions for Gallaudet University Alumni Association, National Disability Institute, Tri-County Association of the Deaf, Florida Deaf Golfers Association and Senior Sunshine Deaf Golfers Association. Lately he has been doing the deaf rights advocacy in The Villages and State of Florida.

Deaf Diversity Directory (Old Name:The Red Notebook)

Deaf Diversity Directory (DDD)

We will be updating "Deaf Community Contacts" using new 2014 critera. This resource was originally developed in 1979 for THE RED NOTEBOOK, under the title: "The Quick Guide to the Deaf Community."  We have been testing it in recent days. We agree that the title name should be brief so we will tentatively rename it DEAF DIVERSITY DIRECTORY.   The target users would be reference librarians, information / communication specialists / cultural programmers and researchers and the related and who need a quick guide to information about deaf cultures and resources that are available from four types of organizations: academic, school, public and special (i.e. nonprofits, for business, museums, hospitals, others) 

Most importantly, it would be a valuable digital resource for the future Deaf Culture Digital Library anywhere in America. 
Thanks to  Alice L. Hagemeyer, FOLDA President for this information

Deaf Snowbirds RV Camping March 22-29, 2015



 Make a reservation now!
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Activities and Volunteers  Help

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 Please Email Tom or VP: 860-378-8159
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Thanks to Larry Whitworth for this information

Thursday, September 4, 2014

R.I.P: Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg

Legendary Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg passed away on Sunday, August 31. He was 82.

Stan had been drawing and working on comics for 60 years! 
Most of us grew up reading Archie and Veronica!  Any of you still have the comics?

Read all about Stan...click HERE

DSA 2015: Buy Your Combo NOW Before $$$ Goes Up!

NC: Deaf Tar Heels Festival September 20

NC: Pictures of August 30 Fun Day Picnic!

Deaf Seniors of America 2015 Asheville Fundraiser
August 30, 2014

Note from Donna:
Many, many thanks to Mary Burns Rogers for sharing these pictures with us! Mary said, "Good crowd! About 200 people ... Beautiful Day!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obititary: Dr. Gertude "Gertie" Galloway 1930-2014

Women's Rights Advocate, Civic Leader, Educator, Activist, Pioneer
"Godspeed, Gertie.
Thank you for all the memories. We will miss you. Hugs"
Statement by Marilyn Nixon, a friend of Gertie

HerStory-Who's She:
Dr. Gertie Galloway opened several doors for Deaf women as if she succeeded to break through the "Ceiling Glass".  As many firsts of the woman roles in her entire career life, she achieved as follows:
  1. First deaf woman superintendent of the Katzenbach School for the Deaf in New Jersey
  2. First woman elected president of National Association of the Deaf
  3. First woman president of the Conference of the Educational Administrators of the Schools and Programs for the Deaf
  4. First woman president of the Deaf Seniors of America, Inc.
Read more ...click here: http://www.dwconline.org/fallsite2006/fall06whosherstory.html

Visionary Leader - March 2014
Read about Gertie here: http://www.gallaudet.edu/150/celebrate/visionary_leaders/gertrude_galloway.html

 Deaf Women United- Gertie Galloway
Click the link here to read about Gertie: http://www.dwu.org/#!21-of-31-Dr-Gertrude-Galloway/cg3h/68F91654-A887-42A7-B0BC-74ADB705B556

The Pearls - Gertrude Galloway Video Interview
Watch the video...click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLUUjB__KyY

Global Deaf Women Video Interview
Click the link to watch the video: http://globaldeafwomen.com/portfolio/amazing-woman-gertie-galloway/

Deaf Seniors USA Blog:   http://deafseniorsusa.blogspot.com/
Deaf Seniors USA Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/DeafSeniorsUsa?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DSA 2015 Asheville: When-Check In? When-Check Out?

If you already bought (or plan to buy) your DSA 2015 Asheville Combo ticket, 
be sure to double-check the DATES on your busy calendar.

If you already reserved (or plan to reserve) your room at
Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville NC, 
be sure to check your hotel confirmation which you check out on the 28th, not 27th!

Ask Debi and Lawson at dsa2015chairs@aol.com 



DSA 2015 Asheville: Grove Park Inn Almost FULL!

Important Info:  Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa is almost full.  There are very few rooms with 2 beds and they may be sold out by now. 

ATTENTION: DSA 2015 Asheville Registrants 
If you already bought DSA 2015 Asheville Combo ticket, you are strongly advised to contact Grove Park Inn as soon as possible.
The hotel phone number is 828 252-2711 (use relay service) and mention "DSA 2015 Conference" to receive the conference rate.

Hurry, reserve a room! The official check out day is August 28! 

Deaf Seniors of America 2015 Asheville:
August 23-27, 2015



Special Offer from DSA! $10 Membership Now!

Wow! Grab this special offer now! 
Only $10 
(starting now until the start of DSA 2015 Asheville)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rich Deaf Cultural History Signed by Gertie Galloway (Video)

 Gertrude "Gertie" Scott Galloway

What was Gallaudet like 75 years ago?
***Beautiful, Rich Deaf Cultural Story about Gallaudet History!***

Trouble with the video? Click this link: http://youtu.be/YGyMFWwFOd8

Click below to read about Gertie!

Gertie...thank you for sharing your story! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Once Every 823 Years! August 2014 has 5-5-5...

From a newsletter of my mutual areas of Leisure World, a senior community --  " This August will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years.  That means the next time will be in the year 2837."  Wonder our future children's life would be like?


Many thanks to Nancy Chough for sharing this info! 

Deaf Picnic 2014 in Minnesota: August 2

Rain or Shine!
 Free Admission!
Proceeds to C.T.Memorial Hall 100th Anniversary

North Texas Deaf Seniors General Meeting: August 6

Arlington, Texas 76011